i just had banana pancakes and hash browns and coffee and bob ordered a gross blue milkshake that tasted like cotton candy and i had some of that too and im gonna explode

just another day on flickr 
Anonymous: I smoke heaps of weed and I wound up ditching most of my stoner friends because they're fricken useless at life and just stressful to be around as a result idk man do you really wanna hang around people who make you feel alienated and shit?? Especially if they're doing things that hella aren't your style either.

nah man like they smoke p much every time we all get together but they’re still my friends they’ve been my friends for years and they’re capable of doing other things besides smoking and they’d NEVER intentionally try to make me uncomfortable it just started this past year so they’re kinda goin hard with it and im really really sensitive to stuff, particularly my interactions with other people, and most of the problem lies in that 

bob wants to stay up so we can go to nifty fiftys right when it opens and then come home and sleep all day


He wants to play!

wet make up